REVEALED in just 45 Minutes:

The 7-letter word that will double your profits
(even in a pandemic) 



How to double your business profits... and work only 2 days a week (even in a pandemic) – using the 7-letter word that changes everything



NO MORE uncertainty...  NO MORE consultants...  NO MORE workshops...  NO MORE business planning... 
NO MORE doing it all yourself...  NO MORE team building exercises...  NO MORE unnecessary risk taking...
NO MORE long hours...  NO MORE unhealthy stress...  NO MORE feeling stuck and frustrated...

...NO MORE excuses!

I'm going to share with you the 7-letter word that changes everything... and my top 3 strategies for helping companies with 10+ staff use it to double profits every 3 years–without you the owner having to work more than 2 days a week!

Strategy #1 explains:

Why you’re struggling to grow your business
and the 7-letter word that changes everything.

Strategy #2 shows you:

How to double your profits WITHOUT
doubling your risks.

Strategy #3 shows you:

The key to growing your company WITHOUT the stress and long hours (yes, it really is possible to grow by doing less).

YOUR COACH: Michael Lin

The Business Breakthrough Coach


Michael spent years turning around and building businesses generating profit growth of 15% to 62% p.a. More recently he’s helped over 75 businesses and Christian organisations change their approach and achieve similar results. He also dedicates lots of time to helping pastors implement this too.